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Power Take: Heavy analytics dependency not the smartest idea in NFL

Poor Cleveland Browns fans. Their team is embracing too much of a good thing in letting analytics run the football department. I love analytics. Bill Belichick has been making analytics-based decisions for years, such as dumping stars a year or two early (Richard Seymour, etc.). But analytics should not drive the organizational bus in the NFL.

Take evaluating quarterbacks. It’s an eyeball call more than an analytics call. I don’t blame the Bills for drafting EJ Manuel. He was the best QB available, and they had to take one. But if you watched him at Florida State, you didn’t love him. Rob Johnson was great from an analytics perspective. But he was darn near the opposite of the alpha-male personality you want in a QB.

Mike Williams and Derrick Dockery are two of the Bills’ biggest busts. Both had great measureables. Williams didn’t love football. Dockery didn’t like being outside his comfort zone. The failure of those two moves was not properly “smelling their breath,” as Buddy Nix would say. I hate to sound like the old scout in “Moneyball,” but character and team chemistry are bigger factors in football.

Power Takes are opinion blasts from Bucky, Sully & members of The News’ sports staff -- three will appear in Wednesday’s and Friday’s sports section.

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