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Letter: Orchard Park officials need to trim spending

Orchard Park officials need to trim spending

Recently The News reported that the Town of Orchard Park was leading an effort to raise the state tax cap. Apparently the town employees, while receiving their taxpayer-supported pay and using town computers, sent 3,000 emails to the towns in New York State to ask their help in lobbying the governor to support legislation to raise the spending cap. They describe the state tax cap as “ill-conceived” and “inadequate.”

The cap holds yearly increases to the lower of two options – below the consumer price index or 2 percent less than the previous year’s budget. This year, Orchard Park ignored the cap and raised taxes by 5.7 percent.

Councilman Mike Sherry describes the town employee lobbying effort as “democracy in action.” Really? The taxpayers are lucky if their personal revenue increases by the cap amount. Spending needs to be decreased and there are undoubtedly areas where expenses can be trimmed in order to meet the present cap. This public employee effort seems more like “bureaucracy in action.”

Mary Sellers-Pici

Orchard Park