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Letter: Canterbury Woods project will enrich neighborhood

Canterbury Woods project will enrich neighborhood

Gretchen Cercone, president of the Lancaster Avenue Block Club, said, “We want to embrace our neighbors at Canterbury Woods.” Despite her words, her group has gone out of its way to object, and now attempt to redesign the building.

At the time the selection of Canterbury Woods and the plans of the Montante Development Corp. were announced, the group objected to the change in the flow of traffic that would occur because of an extension of Lancaster to intersect with Linwood Avenue.

When that issue was apparently explained to the group’s satisfaction, it complained about the materials used in the Canterbury Woods building and the architectural style. Architectural Resources then revised the materials to decrease the amount of steel by 50 percent and increase the use of brick and stone – not yet good enough.

What else do the neighbors to the west of Delaware Avenue and south of Gates Circle have on their agenda? Is it really about the shape of the roof, the color of the brick or the presence of steel? How much do they fear proximity to a place of residence for elderly people who no longer desire to live in their large homes? How much do their attitudes reflect their fear of integration of the neighborhood? How much do they fear change?

I fear their continued haranguing. This could result in Canterbury withdrawing from the deal altogether. It would be a shame to lose an opportunity to enrich the neighborhood with amenities that will enhance life in the City of Buffalo. The naysayers should be careful what they wish for. They could find themselves with an empty lot, a pharmacy, a gas station or a big-box store at what they believe is the “Gateway to Delaware Avenue.”

Elisabeth Zausmer