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Letter: ‘Sorry’ and ‘like’ belong on the list of hated words

‘Sorry’ and ‘like’ belong on the list of hated words

I recently read where the word “so” was considered one of the most hated, as in “I’m so bored!” One word that I would like to see used differently is the word or phrase “sorry?” in place of “I beg your pardon” or “pardon me” or simply “pardon?”

Occasionally, I have heard adults being interviewed on TV news using the term “sorry?” Could it be they’re groping for an answer or really didn’t understand the question?

Another word used too often by too many adults is “like.” “I’m like, I can’t believe you said that.” Or “I’m like, dumbfounded by your answer.”

Even my 9-year-old granddaughter uses it. I’m grateful her parents don’t. But many learned adults still use this juvenile term when trying to emphasize a point. They like, really don’t need to!

Anthony F. Frandina