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Letter: It would be great to see the return of Your Host

It would be great to see the return of Your Host

Remember Your Host family restaurants? They bring back such fond memories of having a good meal, talking with friends and reveling in the tabletop jukeboxes. At one point in Western New York, the chain had up to 40 restaurants. I grew up in Grand Island, and we even had one there.

As I was driving through Kenmore, right after Christmas, I noticed there still was part of a Your Host sign in a small plaza area on Delaware Avenue. Of course, the original diner is not there and there is a replacement restaurant near it, but it made me think that someone should bring back that “coffee shop/quick breakfast-lunch-dinner place.”

The Your Host restaurants closed in 1993 due to many reasons, and I read one of them was because they failed to modernize. True, people like updated restaurants, but there are some that will never lose their “old world charm,” and they should be preserved.

I imagine all of us enjoy Tim Hortons as a pseudo-replacement, but can anything really substitute for the memorabilia of the old jukebox and ’50s-style diner? With all kinds of new businesses coming back into downtown’s new medical campus, I hope someone can bring back the good old days with a few Your Host restaurants.

They had a great following, so I think it’s worth a try.

Robin A. Carlisi