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Letter: Homicide rate is falling thanks to Buffalo police

Homicide rate is falling thanks to Buffalo police

A recent News article on the reduced homicide rate in Buffalo cites a multiplicity of reasons for the dramatic drop in the city’s homicide rate. Unfortunately, some of the reasons cited have a nominal or very indirect effect on the rate of crime in Buffalo.

Predictably, some of the people quoted in the article cite the common liberal rostrums of aging demographics, gun buy-back programs, gang members getting jobs and the influence of community activists on crime.

The article does discuss the efforts of the Buffalo Police Department, but the contributions of the efforts of the police seem to have no greater influence on crime than these indirect contributors.

The reason why crime is declining in Buffalo is, by far, primarily due to the efforts of the men and women of the Buffalo Police Department. There are regularly scheduled CompStat meetings that define the high-crime areas and problems in the city, and accordingly, increased and targeted patrol and crime-detail cars are employed in the high-crime areas. The efforts of patrol officers and narcotics and intelligence detectives contribute significantly to the number of usable, semiautomatic handguns that are taken off the streets.

The officers on the streets are aware of the issues in their districts and address them every day. The reduction in the homicide rate and crime problems in the city is due primarily to the efforts of hard-working officers and staff of the Buffalo Police Department and not to gang members getting jobs or gun buy-back programs.

Henry Baranski