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Letter: Board can’t rubber stamp vital Gates Circle project

Board can’t rubber stamp vital Gates Circle project

I am greatly concerned in regard to the proposed plan at Gates Circle. There is no other site in Western New York that has as much long-term prominence as Gates Circle, the gateway to the Olmsted Parks and Delaware Avenue, our most prestigious street. It is our very own version of New York City’s Park Avenue.

It is my hope that the Planning Board will act as an architectural review board and not rubber stamp this colossal project, bearing in mind that all movement is not progress. The thought of disposable architecture in this historic setting is most concerning. We cannot accept unsustainable buildings as the new normal. The goal should be to link one generation with the next and create a seamless fit. We have a chance to do it right and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Let’s carefully consider the impact the design plan will have on this entire neighborhood and the future of our city. We want our tax dollars to commit to durable legacy buildings. We want urban designed architecture to be infused in this location that we and our children can all be proud of.

Traffic changes, parking and its impact on our neighborhood need to be carefully evaluated. This is a thriving city neighborhood and not a planned suburban development.

My hope and goal is that we are all on the same page, that we can be progressive and move forward.

Judith Judelsohn