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A ‘Crazy Diamond’ shines on, from Cambridge to Buffalo

Today would have been Syd Barrett’s 70th birthday. The Pink Floyd founder, who died in 2006, is rightly revered as one of the most fascinating songwriters and sonic experimenters to have emerged from the British psychedelic music scene of the mid- to late-’60s.

To celebrate Barrett’s 70th, the Barrett family has launched a new web site,, a strikingly vibrant, cleanly designed portal to the wonders of Barrett’s works and life.

So voluminous has been the response to the new site, which launched at noon today, that temporarily crashed. The issues have been worked out, however, and fans can find exclusive photos – many of them courtesy of the Barrett Estate – as well as a music archive, information on artworks and books and a store.

Barrett’s influence on several generations of alternative and indie rock has been more than substantial, reaching across the globe, from his native England to Buffalo, where the longest-running Syd Barrett Birthday Tribute, organized by Dave Gutierrez of Irving Klaws, has seen dozens of bands interpreting Barrett’s work since 2006.