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Letter: Push for more diversity should apply to everyone

Push for more diversity should apply to everyone

A recent letter writer from Lake View stated he had attended the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra holiday show for the past 25 years. He said the all-white crowd was more like Buffalo in 1935 as opposed to 2015, and encouraged the BPO and its board and donors to make the Kleinhans visit a more diverse experience.

A check of the demographics of Lake View revealed a white population of 7,196 and a black population of 26. Blacks comprise 39 percent of Buffalo’s population, while that percentage is just above 1 percent in Lake View. I could only imagine that many of the communities that the KKK controlled in 1935 were more diverse than what Lake View is today and this frightens me.

The writer seems to suffer from a form of white liberal superiority, which leads him to think he knows what events black people should attend and enjoy. The writer should be more concerned about the lack of diversity that exists in Lake View. The numbers and facts speak for themselves and the residents should open their homes and community to equal the diversity that Buffalo enjoys.

Joe Cyran

West Seneca