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Letter: City needs to utilize Buffalo Special Police

City needs to utilize Buffalo Special Police

I hope Mayor Byron Brown, the Common Council and Buffalo Police Benevolent Association read this. They all spoke of public safety this past week, yet they continue to ignore an asset provided to them in the City Charter: the auxiliary police, the Buffalo Special Police.

This well-trained, all-volunteer organization has augmented or assisted the Buffalo Police Department since 1927. For some reason, the PBA sees the unit as a threat. Why? The Common Council blames the mayor, and the mayor blames the union for not utilizing the Buffalo Special Police. Isn’t this what Donald Trump has been talking about – “stupid leaders”? Council President Darius Pridgen does support the idea of deployment of the special police.

Most cities have auxiliary police, reserve officers or special police and utilize them for street patrol, special events, crowd and traffic control. These units pose no threat to the hiring or reduction of the city police force, or overtime for police officers.

With crime and terrorist threats on the rise, would this not be an inexpensive and sensible thing to do? An extra set of eyes from a well-trained special police officer can only make the public safer and the public feel safe.

The mayor, Council and PBA need to get over their petty differences and do the smart thing and utilize the Buffalo Special Police.

Dennis R. Brennan

Chief of Police (Retired)