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Letter: Ban rogue toy drones to protect public safety

Ban rogue toy drones to protect public safety

As I read the article in the Dec. 25 News about toy drones, it made me realize how stupid we are in some situations. Rather than totally ban and outlaw the use of rogue toy drones, we will put our military and civilian aviation world at risk.

The Federal Aviation Administration can impose guidelines, but some drone operators are going to violate them, “just because they can.”

We task our military with keeping our world safe. Now we ask it to begin a campaign to educate pilots, flight crews and air traffic controllers about the hazards posed by small drones in the hands of our own people.

I advocate for the abolition of the whole drone industry in the name of public safety. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Obviously, we need jobs, but at what expense? There are safe toys out there.

Frank Maddock