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‘Movement’ of the people

Some people like to make a sport out of dissing hippies. It’s not particularly hard to do. But when the general tenor of anti-hippie discourse involves tearing down the concept that music can actually spread positivity and promote healing, count me out.

Bearing this in mind, I like what Rusted Root leader Michael Glabicki has to say about his band’s latest collection, the optimistically titled “The Movement,” which he says on the Rusted Root FB page is representative of “a new work ethic to me – it’s going from the industrial age to the individual spiritual age. I feel everyone should devote all their actions to all that is love, healing and pragmatic. We’re seeing the growing pains of this right now … the world is split … some people are fearful and fighting it with all their might … Rusted Root is trying to help with this.”

A noble aim, well-served by music that trots the globe freely, assimilating influences from across cultural divides, and in so doing, pointing out what unites us far more than what divides us.

When Rusted Root plays a sold-out show at 8 p.m. Jan. 8 in Buffalo Iron Works (49 Illinois St.), a roots music wunderkind with a considerable pedigree, Devon Allman, will handle the opening act duties. Let the movement begin.

– Jeff Miers