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Letter: Scajaquada Corridor project provides great opportunities

Scajaquada Corridor project provides great opportunities

Great progress has been made to finalize plans for the reconstruction of the Scajaquada Expressway between Routes 33 and 190, however, much more is needed. It is now a critical time to start looking at this project as an opportunity to collaborate with the adjacent neighborhoods to identify necessary improvements to revitalize the corridor. Grant and Niagara streets should be identified to receive greater focus from the city.

Urban Planning and Economic Development programs, in collaboration with community-based groups, would assist in identifying areas where improvements are most needed. The on/off ramps on Grant and Niagara streets are located in close proximity to some commercial venues, but there remain multiple vacant commercial sites that would provide space for new investments. Attracting this sort of investment would not only introduce new venues, but would also provide employment opportunities to residents in the neighborhood.

Additionally, the Scajaquada Corridor is of ecological and historical importance. The Battle of 1813 was fought in what is now the Scajaquada Corridor and should be designated as an “1813 Trail” to commemorate the soldiers buried in Delaware Park. Ecologically, the Scajaquada Creek is a well-known preserve for migratory birds and outdoor activities. The corridor provides access ways into local waterways for recreational use and the proposed shared bicycle/pedestrian path would connect Elmwood to the waterfront, making it safer for cyclists and pedestrians to commute between locations.

The Scajaquada Corridor Restoration Project has the potential to bring economic, recreational and infrastructural improvements to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Stephanie Bucalo