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Letter: Burke is right to support nurse staffing resolution

Burke is right to support nurse staffing resolution

The Erie County Legislature recently passed a resolution calling on New York State to pass legislation establishing minimum nurse staffing ratios in acute care facilities and nursing homes. There has been overwhelming testimony by health care providers and family members regarding the serious risks of too few nurses on duty to care for patients.

I find it incredible that Legislator Patrick Burke is accused of unethical conduct because he was a consultant with the Communications Workers of America. Since when is it unethical to support a measure to provide adequate medical care? Rather, it would seem to me to be unethical to vote against such a resolution. Do you really want you or your family member to suffer from lack of medical care if hospitalized?

Burke didn’t support some kind of superfluous “perk” for nurses, but rather a common-sense resolution that benefits patients. If one is really concerned about unethical conduct, address the serious problem of the influence of big money on governing.

Ellen T. Kennedy