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What They Said: Transcript of Bills coach Rex Ryan following 22-17 victory over Jets (with VIDEO)

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Great game today. Obviously against a darn good opponent. That team over there will ruffle your feathers a little bit. But I think it came down, I think our execution on third down was the difference in the game. Obviously the three turnovers as well. But it was really about third down execution on both sides, offense and defense, and obviously we wish we had a couple plays back on defense. I’ll blame Dennis (Thurman) for those two calls. It was my calls, but I’ll blame him. But anyway, nah it was great effort and I love the fact, we talked about finishing with our guys and that’s why I don’t think everybody understands how we play. Like that’s it. That’s what our fans expect and all that. I know we all expected more wins this year but we got the effort and the attitude right. We just gotta find a way to get the wins which is the most important thing. We understand. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: Does this one feel different than the first time you beat them?

A: Well no I feel great. There’s no question. I was very honest about how I felt going into this game. I got a lot of friends over there, there’s no question about it and I want them to be successful. But not at my expense and that’s what I said and that’s really how I feel. I feel great, proud of my football team and I think the first one, it was more emotional. There’s no question about it. Whether it was the first time going against the Jets or whatever, it was there, I’m not real sure. But I know it was real emotional for me then.

Q: In light of how the season went then you have a day like this – is there any part of you saying why couldn’t there be more games like this?

A: Yep. No question about it. You’d love to have some do overs because I really thought this game, it was gonna come down to this game to put us in and I felt great about some things. Like we defended our home. We won four at a row at home. We felt great about that but it’s like man, I wish we had a couple things go our way. But you know what, you gotta earn everything you get in this league and that’ll be something that hopefully we learn from.

Q: Is it satisfying knocking the Jets from the playoffs after they let you go last season?

A: No but it has nothing to do with that. I think…I mean it really doesn’t. I know it sounds crazy but they had no choice but to let me go and I’ve said it before. But that’s not it. I wish that team was going in somebody’s place. Now I like Mike Tomlin a great deal too, so I’m happy he goes. But hell I want to go myself and I want to take my team the next year.

Q: Can you talk about the offensive approach and the ability to grind clock.

A: Well we wanted to ground and pound a little bit. I think that’s kind of who we are you. You know when Karlos (Williams) went out, that kind of was a big blow to us. It put it all on Mike’s (Gillislee) shoulders primarily, and Boobie (Dixon) had a couple shots in there. But you know what, we just stayed after it and I think that’s just a credit to our football team. You know the win that was kind of the win that I was hoping we’d have when we played New England that first time. But obviously wasn’t the case.

Q: What was different about today and did you have any moments post game?

A: Post game, you know I talked to some of the guys. There’s no question about it. But I think the first time, you’re exactly right I was…I think everybody made such a big deal out of it and it was a big deal to me, there’s no question about it. But I think that was, I never want to take away from the game. This one was more about business. Obviously the Jets had to win to get in and like I said, we were gonna give them everything we had. There was no question about it and they knew that. They absolutely knew that.

Q: Did you see Woody Johnson out there?

A: No, but we get chances to meet. Owners meetings and things like that. Woody knows what I think of him.

Q: What were your thoughts on the Sammy Watkins/Darrell Revis match up? Both heading into the game and post-game.

A: Well I thought it was a great match up. One of those classic ones. You got, in my opinion this young man is one of the best receivers in football and the league will recognize it next year when he’s healthy for a full 16 games. And you’ll see the numbers and you’ll see everything else. The guy is a great football player. We knew it was gonna be a battle. I think Revis knows, this kid’s got elite speed. There is no question about it and Revis wasn’t gonna get beat on top. So I think we thought we had a chance to throw the ball underneath a few times and we did.

Q: Can you talk about your plans when you had some safeties pressing? Just your thinking with that.

A: Well I’m thinking that they had Brandon Marshall and Erik Decker. So I think that was pretty much what I was thinking and I wanted to take a little of those guys and then take them down the field. Cause it’s tough sledding. If all you do is play off and don’t give them anything underneath help, then those passes are there all day long, you gotta tackle the big guy. They got two monsters over there. So that was really the thinking behind it.

Q: Is this the way you really drew up the blueprint for defense?

A: Uh I don’t know. You guys know me, I have a horrible resume as a defensive coach. You guys try to point it out all the time but the facts don’t back you up a whole lot.

Q: The question was about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

A: Well I don’t know. But if I actually knew then I darn sure wouldn’t tell anybody of give a blueprint. But I’ve just been fortunate. I’ve had a lot of really good players and I think that’s probably what makes the difference.

Q: There was quite a shout in the locker room afterwards. Can you tell us what you said to the guys or why it got so loud?

A: I have no idea. Somebody must have said something but it wasn’t me.

Q: Last year and this year both teams have almost the same personnel and the Bills won both games, both seasons. What does that say about the way these teams match up?

A: Well no I think it’s not the same team over there. Trust me. That’s not the same team over there. You got Brandon Marshall on this football team. You know I would’ve liked to have him before when I was there. And I don’t think (Antonio) Cromartie and (Darrelle) Revis – I’m not taking anything away from our guys – but I don’t believe they were there last year either. So the teams are a heck of a lot different. That make up is a lot different than the makeup of this team that we had. So the fact that we won two games means that we…I mean they were gonna be dogfights, there’s no question about it and we knew it. But I think the personnel was probably a little different the year before.

Q: Now that that it’s all over, can you talk about what it was like for you to not to have walked off this field  with them going to the playoffs at your expense?

A: Well no I mean that feels alright. But obviously our goals were set a lot higher than this and to be 8-8 or whatever. But it’s…there’s a lot of teams that’ll mail it in. But this team certainly wasn’t one of them despite all the negative criticism. All the stuff that kind of stuff that we got as a team through national media, through local media, and all that kind of stuff. The team is a heck of a lot closer than what is out there. But obviously you gotta build trust. Sometimes that takes a little longer than anticipated. But I feel good about winning this game. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

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