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Letter: Westwood plan promises to be beneficial to Amherst

Westwood plan promises to be beneficial to Amherst

Now that the Amherst Town Board has accepted, as complete, the Draft Generic Environmental Statement (DGEIS) for the proposed Westwood project, the public will finally get to see the plan in its entirety, all the benefits it brings to the environment, what the proposed mitigations are and how it addresses the town’s Master Plan as it relates to uses of closed golf courses.

The Mensch Group invested a great deal of time and money developing and revising the DGEIS, working very closely with the Amherst Planning Department, which recommended that the Town Board accept it.

Our innovative conceptual master plan calls for a traditional neighborhood in the heart of Amherst. The new Westwood promises to be a pedestrian-friendly, interconnected, mixed-use community with a variety of residential options, strategically located shops and restaurants, and preservation of 64 acres of public and greenspace that will encourage walking and biking.

This $238 million project will generate $58 million in property tax revenue and create 2,300 construction jobs. The public now has the opportunity to learn more about the plan. It merits serious consideration.

Andrew J. Shaevel

Managing Partner

Mensch Capital Partners