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Letter: Americans should honor veterans’ great sacrifices

Americans should honor veterans’ great sacrifices

The News has been one of my favorite sources of information concerning many areas of interest: local news and the feature stories from the reporters and national commentators. I especially appreciate the efforts made by The News to honor, every Monday, local veterans.

Every November, we Americans have the opportunity to really honor those who have worn the uniform by making the effort to get off our couches and vote.

We have, in November, three opportunities to demonstrate our respect and gratitude to men and women and their families who made and continue to make sacrifices to defend our way of life, some at the cost of their own “tomorrows.” The first is Election Day, the second is Veterans Day and the third is Thanksgiving.

I believe that the most important day on which we can honor a vet is Election Day – the day that many throughout our history have fought to ensure. Shortly after Election Day 2015, The News reported that only 25 percent of eligible voters voted in the Erie County executive race. I find this fact sad, to say the least.

I recently read that Russell Salvatore has added a Purple Heart Medal statue at his Heroes and Patriots Park in Lancaster to honor many who have received that decoration. I am told that the monument is captioned with the words: “Some gave all, all gave some.” I hope that a new line is not needed: “Some give nothing, year after year after year.”

Ken Belfield