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Letter: It’s chilling to hear Trump praise Putin

It’s chilling to hear Trump praise Putin

Recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump has remarked how much he admires Russian President Vladimir Putin’s leadership abilities, due to Putin’s favorability among Russians. Putin longs for the days of the Soviet Union and the oppression it placed upon its people. I was both dismayed and disappointed in Trump’s declaration.

Both Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were beloved by their people for demonstrating great leadership qualities and were among the most evil human beings ever to walk the face of the Earth. As someone whose immediate family was directly affected by both despots, I find Trump’s accolades of Putin chilling.

My father escaped the tyranny of communism and came to the United States; however, my uncle and great-uncle were not so fortunate and were sentenced to 15 years and 17 years, respectively, in Siberian concentration camps for “anti-Soviet” activities. Trump needs to remember that Putin’s hero murdered 8 million Ukrainians, by starving them to death, because they refused to become subjects of a totalitarian regime.

If Trump is looking for a contemporary leader on which to model himself, may I suggest Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.

Daniel Dytchkowskyj

East Aurora