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Letter: Frustration with party is likely boosting Trump

Frustration with party is likely boosting Trump

Caveat: I am not a white-collar, middle-class Republican, so what follows is pure speculation.

Just as I am a die-hard Democrat, there are many die-hard Republicans. They may be completely frustrated with their party’s shift over the last number of years from promoting middle-class interests to promoting the interests of the very wealthy. They are and always will be Republicans. Shifting allegiance to “the other” party is simply not an acceptable option.

I wonder if Donald Trump’s “Take back America” slogan might better reflect their desire to take back their Republican Party from the monied interests who seem to have taken control of it for their own purposes. That may explain the desire for a political outsider. Trump seems to be the only viable alternative to the perceived lackeys of wealthy donors.

There may be something akin to desperation in their willingness to overlook shortcomings that normally would assault their conservative, middle-class Christian values.

Consequently, Trump has tapped into their sense of disenfranchisement. “Make America Great Again” may be translated into “Make our Republican Party Great Again” – the way it once was.

He may be crude and he may distort stuff, but “he is not one of them.” The irony, of course, is that he is one of them.

Paul Lawton