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Letter: Extremists on both sides have taken over the parties

Extremists on both sides have taken over the parties

I am convinced that the time has come for a third party. It seems that we now have an extreme left and right leading our current two-party system, with the party bigwigs running the show and the centrist voter being severely underrepresented. When excellent candidates such as Jim Webb on the Democratic side and John Kasich on the Republican side can’t even get serious consideration for the presidency, something is severely wrong.

I think we are seeing this with the Trump movement, whether we like it or not. He seems to be taking on both party bureaucracies, to the delight of many in the center. The center of the country and its citizens are not being served anymore. Think JFK with his tax cuts or Bill Clinton with his welfare reform.

I realize that historically even Teddy Roosevelt, my favorite politician, was defeated back in the early 20th century but I believe that the time is now right for this type of politician. Teddy, the progressive, bucked both business and labor during his two terms, which is why he became my favorite. I believe a candidate like him would be perfect for our divisive times. Our party leaders may be blind to what is really going on, but I would support a centrist candidate for the presidency who would put the country and all its citizens first.

Lou Speranza