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Letter: Democrats, Republicans are equally reprehensible

Democrats, Republicans are equally reprehensible

I will not be voting for the candidate of either the Republicans or the Democrats in future elections. I consider it an insurmountable character flaw for a politician to accept the endorsement of either of the two major American political parties. Whether it is the Republicans who are happy to enlist the thoughtless, the fearful and the bigoted or the Democrats who refuse, when push comes to shove, to embrace what they claim to believe, candidates of both parties do whatever it takes simply to get elected.

And why not? Most voters are too lazy or too stupid even to drag themselves to the polls. Most of the few who do vote can’t be bothered to make a serious effort to discern which, if any, of the candidates will actually represent their values (as opposed to pretending to represent them.) Why would a candidate bother to speak the truth as he knows it? It might get him in trouble. Enter Donald Trump, who has such staying power among Republicans because he’s the only candidate who says what he thinks. Within the political system that voters have allowed to flourish, Trump’s candor is so appealing that it doesn’t even matter that the positions he holds are reprehensible.

So we are presented with two choices: To vote for one or the other party hacks, or to try to find some minor party candidate who actually shares our values, but who has no chance whatsoever of winning. I have voted for the last time for the lesser of two evils shoved down my throat by the elephants and the donkeys. I choose Plan B.

John Nelson