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Letter: NFTA needs to reconsider changes made to bus route

NFTA needs to reconsider changes made to bus route I am a longtime resident of Niagara Street. As of Dec. 6, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority moved Routes 5, 5A and 35 down my street because the new transit hub opened at Niagara and On

There are now Route 5 buses constantly idling empty on Niagara at any given time of the day because they run every 5 to 10 minutes. They are mostly empty and are always ahead of schedule because they no longer serve the business district and community that use the bus line (Tonawanda Street) and are often in the way when another bus (Route 40 or 35) has to pass by the stop because there is nowhere for it to stop.

It does not take 10 minutes to get from Vulcan to Ontario Street – about 1 mile – when there are no fares to pick up through this mainly desolate area.

Did anyone at the NFTA do a feasibility study for the changes to these routes, involving 200-plus buses a day? It seems to me that this is not serving anyone but the NFTA.

State of the art – not!

Bob Kotas