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Extra Points from Bona's 82-68 win over Niagara

Extra points from St. Bonaventure's 82-68 win over Niagara Wednesday at the Reilly Center:

x Bona's Mark Schmidt: "We got off to a terrible start. Give Niagara credit they came out and put us on our heels. They hit three threes in the first five minutes of the game. I thought we gathered ourselves. We played better defense the last 15 minutes of the first half. We played better offense, made seven threes in the first half."

"In the second half we got it up to 21 and then we got soft again. As I told the team, when you have a team down, no matter who it is, you gotta keep ‘em down. We got soft both on the offensive end and defensive end. Give them credit they got it to 10 and then we gathered ourselves again. But with the teams we’re about to play, starting on Saturday, we cant afford to do that. When we have a team down you’ve got to knock ‘em out. It’s a good victory."

x Schmidt on 24 assists on 29 field goals: "It means we have unselfish players. It means we’re sharing the ball. It means we don’t have guys who all they care about is numbers. . . . We have guys who understand from an offensive standpoint what it takes to score points."

x Schmidt on hitting 12 of 25 threes: "Our three-point shooting’s getting better and our foul shooting’s getting worse. When you shoot the ball it makes up for a lot of deficiencies and makes your offense look a little better than it is. We can’t rely on making 12 threes. We’re not going to be able to do that."

"We have to rely on defending and rebounding. Those are two areas I didn’t think we did a good job. We got outrebounded and they shot 50 percent in the second half, which is not acceptable. We played well in spurts. They scored 10 of their last 13 possessions, and that’s why they shot 50 percent. At times we play really well both from an offensive stand point and a defensive standpoint. Good teams sustain their effort on the offensive end and the defensive end. We have not done that yet. That’s the challenge. That’s what we need to get to."

x Niagara's Chris Casey: "I thought they played very, very well. I thought we played well for portions of the game. I do think we competed hard, as we normally do. They shot the ball extremely well, which they do. Their guards are very good. We rebounded OK. There were a couple key times we needed defensive rebounds, we didn’t get it. They got offensive rebounds. We have lulls we need to overcome. . . . I thought we had a lull in the first half when we had a lead. I do think my guys compete extremely hard, and I do like that about them."

x Casey on Bona's Dion Wright: "I think he’s what you don’t see much anymore in college basketball. He came here and if you look at his numbers they weren’t real good as a freshman and they were a little better as a sophomore, and they were better as a junior. He played really well his junior year and he’s playing well in his senior year. And he deserves it because he perseveres, and he stuck it out and he kept working. That’s real development. It’s a credit to the coaching staff here and it’s a credit to him. You don’t see that as much anymore as maybe you should in college basketball."

x Casey on Niagara's dry spells: "The only thing I can attribute it to is we have nine new guys on our team, and we have a lot of young guys on our team. A lot of this comes through experience. Experience is not a magic pill you get overnight. Experience is you’ve got to go through it some before you figure it out. So I think that’s part in parcel of where we are right now. I thought we needed to get the ball inside. We’re trying to get it inside to some younger guys, freshmen, and physically they just pushed us off the block."

x Niagara guard Matt Scott was held to 5 points, mostly due to good defense by Bona's Idris Taqqee. Said Casey: "I think he had a tough night, and I think they did a good job defending him. Again, he’s a sophomore. He averaged 6 points a game last year, played maybe 13 minute3s a game. He’s been thrust into a position now of being a main guy, and now he’s learning he’s going to be a scouting report guy. He’s going to be emphasized on a scouting report, and they’re going to try to take him out of games. So he’s going to have to overcome that."

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