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The new Rex Ryan? Says boastful talk 'maybe not the smartest thing to do'

Meet the new Rex Ryan.

He effectively introduced himself during his news conference Wednesday when he became reflective about what he learned about himself as a coach in his first season with the Buffalo Bills.

"I think the biggest thing, obviously, I wish I wouldn't say some stupid thing I said," Ryan said as his team prepares for Sunday's season-finale against his previous employer, the New York Jets.

As Ryan later explained, the "stupid thing" was promising last January, on the day he was introduced as the Bills' new head coach, that they would end a playoff drought that now stands at 16 seasons.

"I just honestly wanted to one-hundred-percent believe that," Ryan said. "I absolutely did, without question.

"I get it. That's just me, but sometimes you see the impact that it has. My heart was in the right place. I thought I was telling the truth, but at the same time, it's like, eh. I never look at it as, 'What if this doesn't go exactly the way I would expect it go.'"

There were many fans who bought into his promise by buying season tickets at a record pace. When the Bills failed to deliver, Ryan became a primary target of criticism which only intensified as defensive player after defensive player publicly pointed to a disconnect between them and his complicated scheme.

"Look, our fans are frustrated," the coach said. "They believe like I do. I love the fact they believe in me, no question about that. I feel bad that I didn't deliver."

Ryan, who guaranteed a Jets Super Bowl appearance that never happened, now sound as if he would be inclined to change his long-standing approach of making bold declarations.

"Yeah, probably so, because you look at the impact that your words have in a negative light," he said. "Yeah, finally, I'll learn from it."

Ryan stressed he won't change his "no-muzzle" policy with players, because he wants fans to continue to receive an "honest" picture of who the Bills are. But he claims he will tone down his own comments to the media.

"The part about making the boasts, whatever, as bad as I truly believe it, maybe I've learned that, eh, maybe it's not the smartest thing to do," Ryan said.


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