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Extra Points from UB's rout of Delaware to end non-conference play

Extra points from UB’s 20-point rout of the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens Tuesday at Alumni Arena.

X Hard to tell what to expect from the Mid-American Conference season that’s about to begin because the teams have played such varied schedules. Akron (9-2) has had a strong non-conference season and justifiably looks like the favorite in the MAC East. Expect a wide-open league.

X Given all the turnover and new players, UB should be happy with its 7-6 non-conference record. New coach Nate Oats has re-made the team and it will be competitive in the MAC.

X When you bring in a bunch of junior-college transfers sometimes it takes the better part of a season to develop good chemistry and for everyone to figure out their roles.

UB has to be happy with the way Blake Hamilton, Willie Conner and David Kadiri have fit in. All three are upbeat, blue-sky guys, too. They’re not looking for their stats first.

“All three of them went from a four year school to a Juco back to four-year school,” Oats said. “We needed help immediately. We lost Shannon” Evans. “We lost a couple recruits between Torian Graham and” Maurice “O’Field. So we needed somebody to come in. And they fit in great. All three of them are really good kids. Willie is a leader. Blake’s a great kid and really smart. And they all get along well.”

X Kadiri on playing at South Plains College, which went to the Juco national championship game last season: “It expanded my game a lot. I got to play against a lot of talented big men, all of which are at different D1s now. Every day is another battle for me. Playing against talent every night, just like I’m doing here at Buffalo.”

X Oats on the offense, in the wake of the turnover-plagued loss at Virginia Commonwealth: “We talked a lot about taking care of the ball, moving the ball, and assist to turnover ratio after that VCU game. This team doesn’t play anything like VCU but I thought we could really move the ball against them and share it. We shot it pretty well against VCU but we didn’t get enough shots. Tonight we had 21 assists 13 turnovers. I thought the ball movement was as good as it’s been all year. We shot 50 percent from the field, which we haven’t done against a Division I opponent. I like where we’re at offensively heading into conference play. Defensively we fouled too much. Our bigs gotta stay out of foul trouble, with DK and Ikenna both fouling out in limited minutes. I did think we played hard.”

X More Oats: “I thought it was Willie and Jarryn’s best defensive game. They both had big assignments. We put him on Holden, who’s scored 30-plus multiple times. We put Jarryn on Hayes. Those were their two main scorers on the perimeter. I thought they were really zoned in on them. We made the point when you get zoned in on the defensive end of the floor, I think the offense flows. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they both had their best defensive games of the year and they had 20-plus.”

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