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Letter: Vote on school budget in November, not May

Vote on school budget in November, not May

The News editorial, “District dilemma,” was very overdue and much appreciated by this taxpayer and, I suspect, by thousands more. The school budget creation process in the Hamburg Central District has been out of control for at least the past two years and has produced budget increases double and triple the recommended state cap.

But many say, “Taxpayers agree with this or the budget would be voted down.” Yes, voted down on school budget election day, with the voting place parking lot at the high school packed with student cars and in the evening with cars of attendees at a multitude of student sports and cultural “events” that just happen to be scheduled for budget day.

Sooner or later, this yearly scam will end and hopefully before average income families in Hamburg are driven out of their homes by huge tax increases. For an honest vote, let’s move school budget voting day to the November Election Day.

Joseph M. Cuddihy