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Letter: Transgender policy isn’t hurting anyone

Transgender policy isn’t hurting anyone

On Dec. 21, the letter “Hamburg made mistake with transgender policy” was published. However, the writer shows no understanding of the intended effects of this policy nor an understanding of what being transgender means.

A person who is transgender was, in simplest terms, a girl in a boy’s body or vice versa. Therefore, a trans girl in a girl’s bathroom is not “a boy in a girl’s bathroom,” but a girl in a girl’s bathroom.

I am a sophomore at Hamburg High School. It has at least three trans students, one of whom is a close friend. This bathroom policy allows him to feel more comfortable when using the restroom, and doesn’t hurt me, a male student, at all. Nobody’s welfare is being “endangered,” as the writer claims. The only people being hurt by this new policy are bigots who aren’t willing to allow others to be comfortable in their own bodies, and in a public school.

Additionally, this change took no tax dollars to make, unless the two sheets of paper that the updated policy was printed on count, in which case I’ll give the school 10 cents of reimbursement.

Alec Whalen