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Letter: Republican Party has some great candidates

Republican Party has some great candidates

It amuses me when certain ultra-liberal letter writers express their disappointment with the large array of Republican presidential candidates. Any one of those candidates would make a great president or vice president, espousing the values that made this country great, as opposed to the socialistic values that, throughout history, have never worked.

I must say, however, that I have reservations about Donald Trump. While his message is good, to me he is character flawed because of the way he personally insults and attacks his fellow human beings. That has no place in our American campaigns or system.

However, when you compare the choices of the many and fresh candidates of the Republican Party to the two old candidates of the Democratic Party, there is no comparison.

I’m for getting rid of the old shoe candidates of both parties and replacing them with a new, young generation. The Clintons had their day; so did Bernie Sanders; and, yes, so did the Bushes. Although if you eliminate Hillary and Bernie, the Democrats wouldn’t have much left.

My recommendation, if anybody cares, is a Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio or Carla Fiorina ticket. This New Year’s resolution should be “out with the old, in with the new.” Let’s make America great again!

Richard D. Grisanti