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Letter: City of Good Neighbors lives up to its nickname

City of Good Neighbors lives up to its nickname

Last week Saturday, my wife and I attended the Buffalo Philharmonic Holiday Pops concert. First of all, the concert was wonderful. But it’s what happened afterward that was very heartwarming and showed the kind of wonderful people who live in Buffalo.

After the concert my wife and I grabbed our jackets and left in a hurry to beat the crowd. About halfway to our car we realized she had left her purse in her seat. We ran back to where we were sitting, dodging the people who were all on their way out, hoping the purse would still be there. My wife, as you can imagine, was frantic.

We had been sitting in the balcony and it took a few minutes to get back. Upon arriving at our seats, we found two women standing there waiting for us to return, keeping an eye on the purse. They told us they weren’t about to leave until we returned. We are very grateful. Buffalo truly is the City of Good Neighbors.

Harry Schultz