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Rex Ryan on Taylor's scrambling, his O-Line, Carpenter

Running highlights of Rex Ryan's Monday news conference at One Bills Drive...

Opening statement... A lot of guys stepped up that did a great job for us. I look at Tyrod's performance and I'd describe it as a gritty performance against a good defense. It was tough sledding but he did a good job. The offensive line against that defensive front, they did a good job handling it against three good edge rushers. The two backs stand out. Karlos Williams and Mike did a great job. On defense, I was really pleased. The effort was outstanding. I thought Leodis did a really nice job for us. Up front, we rolled... you're going against four Pro Bowl offensive linemen. When he went out, I said 'oh boy, here we go.' But Corbin stepped right in. Young guys in there competed hard. Getting off doubles, getting after the football.

On Marcus Easley's knee... He should be back for next season but this is a major, major injury. Obviously he'll go on IR. He dislocated his knee cap but also broke his knee in three spots. However, they say he'll be able to come back from it. But it'll take time. We all know how tough it is. ... I don't expect Charles Clay to play this week with the back. With LeSean, I'm not sure. We'll see during the week. If it'll limit him, we'll err on the side of caution. Marcell had a pinched nerve, a stinger. We're hoping to get him back. ... Rambo has banged up shoulder, banged up knee. Did it affect his tackling, yeah. We'll see where Ron Brooks is. Hope Darby can play.

On Dareus... Usually with stingers, your arm goes numb for a little bit but the feeling comes back. That wasn't the case. So yeah you're concerned but after the game, he said 'I'm playing.' So we'll see.

On Taylor's 14 carries being a concern... We've got to balance that. Tyrod does take off with that. He has to protect himself, too. If there's anything we can do, you have to protect yourself. Running out of bounds, sliding. There's times you see the competitor in him trying to get the first but he's more valuable than that. ... We got Tyrod on the edge, there's some of that, that goes into it. We don't want him being the leading ball carrier but you don't want to (hold him back). I know how tough it is to defend a running quarterback.

On the 3rd and 6 scramble... That's what you never want to leave. Quite honestly, that play right there was a huge reason we won the game. When he made that run, we could breathe a little bit. That was a huge play at that time.

On Mike Gillislee next year... I would absolutely agree with that. You look at this guy, look at what we've been able to do running the football. The plan going in, we've run the ball the way we expected to and even exceeded that. Mike has burst onto the scene. Without question, he's a guy, him, Karlos, LeSean McCoy, we're in good hands there. Maybe we look to expand his role on special teams. Could be something we look into.

On how nice it'd be to be a spoiler... It's about getting the win. We know we're facing a team that's red-hot. This team is a complete football team. But just to get a win, I don't care if you're playing East Carolina, you want to get a win.

On this game meaning more to him... I don't think so. No. (smirks)... I think guys do get revved up for, you're playing against a team you admire, you wish that was you in that situation. You get to play against a team with everything riding on it.

On why Kouandjio can't get on the field at RT... Good question. I think there's more of a comfort level with Mills. But I think playing that role, he does have a role for us. There's no doubt. It's not just doing it as a tackle, but I feel good about the way he's contributing.

On if it's a relief he's not in prime time... It is for me. I'll say that. ... Let's wait for next year and that'd be great. But for me, I'm happy it's at one.

On John Miller... I love where he's at. He's exceeded where I thought he'd be. All young offensive linemen struggle but he's done a tremendous job for us. And, with a high ankle. It's hard to get completely healed from that. So I've been really proud of him.

On Carpenter's five missed EP's... I know it's killing him. He's a much better kicker than that. It's a concern but he just has to work through it. (Says off-season injury might be a factor).

On Polian calling O-Line aging/unathletic... Everybody has a right to their opinion but I like the way our line has played. ... The benefit I have is seeing our guys every day. Whether he saw him this game or that game... If he had the benefit of being around this group like I do, he'd see our group is pretty darn athletic.

On tackling problems for Rambo... You could see Jonathan Meeks get an opportunity this week. I recognize the toughness but if he's going to be hampered as much as he looked like, I want to get Meeks in there anyway.

On Percy Harvin... Have talked once, texted a few times. I get the sense he wants to play.


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