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Letter: Prepare your home for winter weather

Prepare your home for winter weather

Even though we have been blessed with nice weather so far, probably all of us who live in the area immediately knock on wood to keep it that way. Buffalo winters are known to be very icy and breezy and it is hard to keep our houses warm during the low winter temperatures. We are all familiar with either high heating bills or wearing more layers than comfortable in our houses.

There are so many ways to keep the heat in our houses and save money on energy bills at the same time. The good news is it does not necessarily have to cost a lot. Simple tricks, like finding and sealing air leaks and gaps near doors, windows or ceilings, can make a big difference in our home’s temperature. Using plastic sheets on the frames of the windows can also keep the cold outside, where it belongs.

Buffalo winters can be bearable, if we spend a little time improving our homes before the negatives kick in.

If you do not think of yourself as a handyman, you can always get an energy audit and let the experts do their work. Either way, we should feel cozy in our homes and should not pay a fortune on our energy bills just because our house is a little older.

Start the work today before the real Buffalo winter gets here. Save energy and save some green!

Orsolya Huszar