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Letter: Many being alienated by Trump’s comments

Many being alienated by Trump’s comments

Donald Trump’s statements so far have alienated Hispanics, veterans, women, Muslims and others. His plan to exclude Mexicans and Muslims is exclusive and borders on Nazism. You exclude one group of people and eventually only the elite survive. His idea of building a wall to contain any Central or South Americans from entering our country is not only costly, but they already have tunnels and can enter the United States by boat.

Trump’s egotistical and narcissistic rantings go contrary to Pope Francis’ speech to Congress in which he advocated for the migrants and urged countries to welcome them.

I am second-generation Polish. With the exception of Native Americans, we are all immigrants. The current and former immigrants fled poverty and oppression to find freedom in this country. To prohibit Muslims from entering our country will only drive them into the hands of the terrorists – Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaida. What would Jesus do?

Joseph W. Strychasz, LCSW