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Bills currently hold No. 16 selection in NFL Draft, likely to land somewhere between 14-18

Buffalo Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said the team is in "quarterback purgatory" earlier this year.

You can add "draft purgatory" to that list, too.

The Bills currently hold the 16th overall selection in the NFL Draft order, dead smack in the middle of the first round. According to the website, there is a 94-percent chance the Bills will draft somewhere between the 14th and 18th picks when the final order is set upon the conclusion of next week's games.

Here is a look at the current draft order, excluding the teams currently occupying playoff spots, along with the strength of schedule for each team, which is the first tiebreaker used when teams have the same record:

1. Tennessee (3-12, .493)
2. Cleveland (3-12, .532)
3. San Diego (4-11, .511)
4. Dallas (4-11, .529)
5. San Francisco (4-11, .558)
6. Miami (5-10, .453)
7. Jacksonville (5-10, .467)
8. Baltimore (5-10, .489)
9. Tampa Bay (6-9, .453)
10. New York Giants (6-9, .498)
11. New Orleans (6-9, .507)
12. Philadelphia (6-9, .520)
13. Detroit (6-9, .545)
14. Chicago (6-9, .550)
15. Oakland (7-8, .500)
16. Buffalo (7-8, .500)
17. Indianapolis (7-8, .518)
18. St. Louis (7-8, .545)
19. Atlanta (8-7, .475)
20. Pittsburgh (9-6, .532)

The Bills have a better record in common games among conference opponents than the Raiders, which is why they're behind them in the draft order despite identical strength-of-schedule percentages.

If the Bills lose in Week 17 to the Jets, they could move up in the draft order depending on what Oakland and the six teams at 6-9 do. Given that four of those teams currently have better strengths of schedule, the Bills could pass them if they win.

If the Bills win in Week 17, they could drop down depending on what the Raiders, Colts, Rams and Falcons do. Among those teams, the Bills would likely pick ahead of the Colts and Rams based on strength and schedule if those teams finish with the same record.

To summarize, the Bills are good enough to avoid the top 10 of the draft, but not good enough to be a playoff team. Purgatory, indeed.


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