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2015 in Review: A weeklong retrospective

As 2015 draws to an end, The News is taking its annual look back over the storylines and events that dominated news coverage for the year.

Sunday, Dec. 27

A__01_12272015_WNYTop 10 Local News Stories: The two biggest local stories were watched across the nation. They would be the prison break of two convicted killers – one from North Tonawanda – from a maximum security prison in the Adirondacks.

The other was the rape accusation a local woman made against Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane, followed by the bizarre allegation and retraction of evidence tampering that occurred before the district attorney decided no charges would be pressed.

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* The best local news photos from the photography staff at The Buffalo News.

* The best photographs by News Chief Photographer Derek Gee.


Monday, Dec. 28

A__01_12282015_WNYTop 10 Arts & Entertainment Stories: Change is in the air in Western New York, and it might be most noticeable when it comes to entertainment and culture.

That’s the case whether it’s music, dining, art, theater or just feeling like there is more to do and see.

The region’s resurgence was the big ongoing change, but 2015 featured other news events, from the sad to the weird, from moments in the international spotlight to departures of familiar faces and voices.

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* The best concert photos from the photography staff at The News.

* The best photographs by News Photographer Sharon Cantillon.


Tuesday, Dec. 29

Tuesday's coverTop 10 Sports Stories: It was as if someone snuck into Western New York about 5 p.m. on New Year’s Eve last year, and hit the reset button for practically every sport in town.

The turmoil started about one hour later, when Doug Marrone gave up the Buffalo Bills’ head coaching job. Before we knew it, many of the major characters in area sports circles had changed.

Some of that turnover is normal for teams that have had problems winning in recent years – that would be you, Bills and Sabres – and some of that is simply typical of the business. Even so, it was a breathtaking year of change.

Along the way, there were nice moments and happy tales. But they were outnumbered by news conferences.

* The best photographs by News Photographer James P. McCoy


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