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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Dec. 27

(Last week’s rankings in parentheses)

1. Carolina. With Odell Beckham out of the way, Josh Norman has taken his trash-talking act to the Falcons. (1)

2. Arizona. Losing Tyrann Mathieu is a major blow that could cause a stumble. (2)

3. New England. Steven Jackson’s favorite Christmas gift was joining a perennial winner. (3)

4. Seattle. The Seahawks continue their string of games vs. the league’s bottom-feeders. (4)

5. Green Bay. It’s never good when the quarterback says the offense lacks a “clear-cut direction.” (5)

6. Kansas City. Now, the Chiefs have gone from shooting for a wild-card playoff spot to going for a division crown. (7)

7. Pittsburgh. No one is going to want to play these guys if they reach the postseason. (8)

8. Cincinnati. So far, so good with A.J. McCarron at the controls. (9)

9. Denver. Can the Broncos find offensive consistency they desperately need with Brock Osweiler at quarterback? (6)

10. N.Y. Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick keeps finding a way to get it done. (10)

11. Minnesota. Teddy Bridgewater keeps an even keel even if his game doesn’t always reflect as much. (11)

12. Washington. Kirk Cousins keeps playing himself into a very nice contract. (14)

13. Houston. At 7-7, the Texans are plodding their way to a division title. (18)

14. Oakland. It wasn’t pretty, but at least Charles Woodson’s last game in the Coliseum was a win. (12)

15. Philadelphia. The Eagles’ secondary got the following message from the team’s former receiver, DeSean Jackson: “Good luck.” (13)

16. N.Y. Giants. No Odell Beckham could be no dice for this team vs. the Vikings. (15)

17. Tampa Bay. Looking toward 2016, the Buccaneers are geared up for a strong finish. (21)

18. Buffalo. Rex Ryan doesn’t believe in muzzles and his defensive players don’t believe in his scheme. (16)

19. Atlanta. Spoiling the Panthers’ pursuit of perfection would make up for a lot. (23)

20. St. Louis. A hopeless task awaits the Rams in Seattle. (19)

21. Chicago. John Fox says he has seen no improvement in his team. Nor has anyone else. (17)

22. Indianapolis. Losing at home to the Texans was yet another low point. (20)

23. Detroit. Is Calvin Johnson playing his final game at Ford Field? (25)

24. Miami. Dan Campbell says he’s looking for leaders. Dolphins will be looking for a new coach. (24)

25. Jacksonville. The Jaguars have a chance to go back to piling up big points vs. that awful Saints’ D. (22)

26. New Orleans. That awful Saints’ D could be embarrassed by the Jaguars’ offense. (26)

27. San Francisco. Best thing the 49ers can do is get the highest draft pick possible. (27)

28. Baltimore. Steelers won’t be showing the Ravens much holiday cheer. (28)

29. Dallas. Trying to win with that “little bitty dude” at quarterback. (29)

30. Cleveland. The pleasant smell around Arrowhead Sunday will be from barbecue. The other smell will be the Browns. (30)

31. San Diego. Too many squandered opportunities in loss to the Raiders. (31)

32. Tennessee. Time to get whoever will be the new coach the top overall draft choice. (32)