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Letter: Term limits are one way to help curb corruption

Term limits are one way to help curb corruption

With the convictions of probably the most corrupt New York politicians in recent years, a few fellow underlings are now saying they should “eye reforms” dealing with these recent scandals. Why now? I doubt if any of these individuals have not been aware that this questionable practice has been going on for decades, but they all chose to bury their heads in the sand. Corruption and scandals are found in many levels of government, in all states, from local municipalities all the way up to the White House.

Why do individuals decide to get into politics in the first place? In most cases, I assume, they have the greatest of intentions. But unfortunately, it takes large sums of money to get them in office. Much of that money comes from “special interests,” which in return expect favors for their contributions, thus leading in many instances to corruption and scandals.

There is one cure which, in many instances, would drastically reduce politicians’ obligation to these special interests. That is term limits. The longer a politician is in office, the more power he gains, thus the greater the chance of his succumbing to the temptations of this easy money. Get into office for a designated period of time, bring in your new ideas to improve existing conditions and then get out, leaving an opening for a new face with new ideas. Politics should never be a career.

Ken LaDue