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Letter: No surprise industry wants ban on crude exports lifted

No surprise industry wants ban on crude exports lifted

A Dec. 18 letter writer, from the Producers for American Crude Oil Exports, wants America’s ban on export of our crude lifted. Well, why wouldn’t he? As a typical exporter of America’s finite raw materials, the industry preaches this type of reasoning all the time. We have to use up all of our oil reserves and drive up prices of our home-produced petroleum products as quickly as possible, so these companies can turn a quick profit while they are still around.

This way, we can ship our products overseas to make a quick profit, then buy much-needed oil from OPEC, at its inflated prices, which in turn makes its products more costly for us.

Hey, it’s free enterprise, and a win for them – it helps the wealthy become wealthier. It will also present job opportunities right here at home for peasants and serfs. This while driving up America’s petroleum costs and shipping refining jobs overseas. But the main thing is it allows producers to deplete our oil reserves quicker and make them more money. After all, they can afford higher fuel prices because we’ll all be paying for it!

Kenneth Hoffman