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Letter: More nurses at bedside improves patients’ care

More nurses at bedside improves patients’ care

Complications hospital patients suffer concern everyone. We depend on hospitals when we are most vulnerable. I applaud the new focus on preventing hospital-acquired infections, falls, errors and all preventable problems.

So many studies show one thing is consistently effective in decreasing these complications: more nurses at the bedside. Hospital administrators have not accepted the research, so they base their staffing plans on what minimal staffing levels they can sustain, not on what would be the best possible staffing. They do not calculate their numbers based on future savings from fewer complications and shorter lengths of stay. They do look at the cost of having more staff – seeing staff as a drain on finances.

Nurses are overworked and burning out, with staffing often dangerously low. Erie County, Buffalo and our suburbs have shown leadership on our behalf and publicly supported mandated safe nurse staffing ratios in this state. We need the New York State Legislature to pass the safe staffing bill.

To all who will someday need hospital care: please contact your legislators to support this measure!

Carlene Boisaubin, R.N.