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Letter: Let injured police officer keep working light-duty job

Let injured police officer keep working light-duty job

The City of Buffalo should be ashamed of its treatment of an injured police officer. Never before have I written to this column, although I read it regularly. However, I had to write after reading with disgust the article pertaining to the city’s shameful treatment of injured Police Officer Gary Sengbusch, who was seriously injured in an off-duty motor vehicle accident.

In this day of entitlement, when it appears that everybody has his hand out attempting to get disability, unemployment, food stamps, free cellphones, etc., the City of Buffalo has deemed it appropriate to terminate a conscientious, determined young man who is providing a valuable service to the Police Department and the citizens of Buffalo.

How could this possibly be a good idea? It is simply the wrong thing to do. The city is discouraging people who are honest and hardworking and have a strong work ethic. Sengbusch wants to earn a living watching over potential innocent crime victims on the department’s surveillance cameras.

What sort of message does this feud relay to the members of the Buffalo Police Department? Should they go into precarious situations, risking life and limb, only to be snubbed by the police commissioner when they are injured, or worse?

There is a lot of dialogue from the Brown administration regarding how Buffalo is moving in the right direction. It seems to me the administration and police commissioner should take the same amount of pride in city employees and show some loyalty and compassion to Sengbusch.

Terry Brown