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It seems to us: Happy 90th, beautiful music, gas price good news and channeling Reagan

As a public service to the millions of younger Americans who have absolutely no idea who Dick Van Dyke is, and as a bit of holiday cheer to those who do, we’ll join with Lancaster’s Spellman Sisters in wishing the star of the most charming, funny and durable sitcom of the 1960s a happy 90th birthday.

You wouldn’t guess his age from the photo in Tuesday’s editions of The News. Tall, erect and grinning like a man in love with life, Van Dyke joined a Southern California flash mob organized by Dena and Jennna Spellman in celebration of his nonagenarianhhood. They danced, sang and smiled while absorbing Van Dyke’s buoyant optimism.

Some people are just good to be around.

Here’s a first: Carlos Aguilera played his saxophone the other day before a very special audience: a team of 16 medical professionals.

In a surgical suite.

While doctors performed neurosurgery on him.

With part of his skull removed and his brain exposed.

The point was to remove a brain tumor while documenting that the advanced procedure would have no effect on Aguilera’s ability to read and play music. It didn’t.

It wasn’t the first such surgery, though it was the first conducted in Europe. Aguilera later said it was “like lying on the beach.” It certainly was worth the new lease on life to Aguilera but, otherwise, the beach sounds more inviting.

Good news for people who don’t live in New York: The average price of gasoline at the pump has dropped below $2 a gallon for the first time in more than six years. It hit $1.99 last Saturday, according to GasBuddy. In Buffalo, sad to report, the average was $2.21.

Still, understanding the rule about gift horses, we’ll take it. It’s a lot better than the $4-plus we were paying not so many years ago.

It turns out even some of the Reagans don’t care much for elements of the Republican field vying for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Patti Reagan, former President Ronald Reagan’s once-estranged daughter, slammed the GOP’s field of candidates in an interview on SiriusXM Progress and said her father would be similarly “appalled.”

Reagan was conservative but also practical, so it is entirely possible. We are indeed in a strange, strange place.