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Letter: Sharing with others is key to happy Christmas

Sharing with others is key to happy Christmas

Each year during the Christmas season, I think back to the day when my mother said to my brothers, sisters and me, “If you want a happy Christmas, you have to learn to share with others, and the more you share, the better Christmas will be.” I came from a family of nine.

As I reflect on my personal experience, I know my mother was right. Those I see having the best Christmases, season after season, are the ones who give the most.

I have learned well in sharing my love, charity, concern, energy, encouragement and support to those in need of it. If there is a magic formula for a merry Christmas, I know unselfish giving is one of the most important elements.

One of the best presents that a person can give or receive is memories. Memories never need to be returned, never take up room and never need to be replaced; they always fit just right. As family and friends, we share the irreplaceable gifts of memories all year, but somehow they seem to accumulate at Christmas. Then they combine with the peaceful, happy and exciting moments of the season. My holiday wish is that everyone will enjoy all their precious memories and create many more.

Many years ago, I remember praying that the distance between my loved ones would disappear. I prayed that my thoughts would unite us with fond and precious recollections where our hearts were unable to be physically present, especially during the time my two brothers were in the armed forces fighting in World War II. One was stationed in Manila, and the other somewhere in Germany – wounded.

We were not able to be in direct contact with them, but we still wrote letters with many fond memories, and reminded them that God will keep them in the palm of his hand and wrap a blanket of love around their hearts. I cherish all of my precious memories and will forever share them.

Charlotte Napierski

West Seneca