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Letter: America could learn a lot from ‘developing’ nations

America could learn a lot from ‘developing’ nations

On a recent visit to Myanmar (Burma), I thought back with chagrin, disappointment and embarrassment to our Republican candidates’ various pronouncements, which to me seemed intolerant, prejudiced and mean-spirited.

On a walking tour of a historic section in the city of Yangon with my older son, who lives and works in Myanmar, we passed numerous Buddhist temples, monasteries and shrines; several Hindu temples; a large Baptist church; a Jain temple; a Nativist shrine; and a synagogue (greeted by its Muslim caretaker). A Chinese temple was not far away.

We then went through a nearby produce market, thronged by local buyers and sellers. Most were surely Buddhist (some monks were included), but numerous people were clearly Muslim – and undoubtedly other faiths were represented as well. They all went about their business in complete harmony. It would seem that America could learn a lot about tolerance from “developing” countries.

Daniel Reiff