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Letter: Teen convicted of murder needs to be rehabilitated

Teen convicted of murder needs to be rehabilitated

An article in the Dec. 11 News speaks of the sentencing of a 14-year-old child for the robbery and murder of another child. I am greatly disturbed by this murder, but I am also disturbed by what is not revealed in this article.

The prosecutor was quoted as speaking of three “equals,” the third of which was, “all 13-year-olds are not created equal.” I believe that he should have said that all 13-year-olds are not “nurtured” equally. What happened in the 13 years following this child’s birth that could have brought him to commit murder and cause the trial judge to refer to him as a “sadistic teen”? I believe that the circumstances in the boy’s life need to be revealed to help society and future parents not make the same mistakes, which in the final analysis helped to destroy more lives than two.

This boy was sentenced to nine years in prison, but in remarks at the sentencing, both the judge and prosecutor strongly suggested that he should never get out of prison. Those opinions seem to say that redemption is not possible for this child, and that the prison system is a total failure for providing any help toward rehabilitation.

Are we our brother’s keeper? Placing a “brother” in a cell and throwing away the key is, in my opinion, simply not a satisfactory response to that question.

Rodney Pierce