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Letter: Teacher’s kindness was heartwarming

Teacher’s kindness was heartwarming

On Dec. 16, I attended the noon Mass at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kenmore. I would like to share an experience that took place. While at Mass there were about 15 first-grade students up front, many who were kind of anxious and really wanted to be somewhere else. I cannot say I blame them at that age.

There was one little guy who was sitting in front of his teacher who had a problem staying in the pew and was looking elsewhere. What I witnessed next was wonderful. His teacher very nicely, with the patience of a saint, (no pun intended) put her arm lightly on his shoulder and he leaned toward her. Immediately he looked up at her and he knew she cared about him and without a word he calmed down. This is the teacher we wish we had when we were in church and were anxious. She showed the utmost patience and caring for a child.

I taught school many years ago and I do not know that I would have had the patience she demonstrated. I wonder if my aunt, Sister Regina Paul SSJ, who was an elementary schoolteacher, would have been so kind and patient. When we were that age, we attended 9 a.m. Mass on Sundays, which was the children’s Mass, and our good sisters (I love them all) would supervise, but when we acted up, we were treated a little differently than what I saw the other day. Those who attended Catholic grade school know what I mean. At this time of year, this was the true meaning of Christmas as I see it. Merry Christmas.

Ray Spasiano