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Letter: Opening combat jobs to women is a mistake

Opening combat jobs to women is a mistake

Men and women, though bestowed with purposeful differences, must be acknowledged as equals in our society. Making cannon fodder of our women should not be a necessary prerequisite.

With generally smaller stature and separate accommodations necessary for their hygiene and billeting, what is the rationale for assigning women to the fluid, dangerous, killing and survival roles of combat?

It would appear the only ones to favor this idea are inexperienced social activists who are oblivious to the inherent distractions and complications, or those men who want hazardous military duty performed by anyone else, except themselves.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, while having superfluous academic credentials with impressive experience in high government positions, has never served in the military. How can someone who has never even trained as a soldier possibly make an intelligent practical decision assigning women to a universal combat role?

The current system mandates multiple “stop loss” combat tours for volunteers, incorporating private armies like Blackwater and Halliburton, and uses foreign nationals and women as substitutes for citizen soldiers. What happened to “the home of the brave?”

In World War II, the draft helped bring the country together and save the world from tyranny. In the ’60s, it was the mechanism that caused citizen participation to tip the balance of power against the faulty justification for our participation in the Vietnam War.

Reinstate the draft to reaffirm our peaceful national identity with commitment and readiness to defend ourselves.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park