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Letter: Last thing U.S. needs is Trump at the helm

Last thing U.S. needs is Trump at the helm

I cannot believe that Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls for the Republican nomination. While he may be brilliant when it comes to business, the man is a buffoon when it comes to politics. Is a man who makes fun of a disabled reporter, degrades women, calls Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals and says other outrageous things the person we want leading our country?

I know people are tired of the establishment in Washington, and a political outsider is desired by some, but this is not the time. With the serious threats we face, we cannot have a businessman as president. We need a political insider right now, someone who is familiar with foreign affairs and the threats we and our allies face.

While Hillary Clinton has her shortcomings, she is the most experienced and knowledgeable person to address the issues and concerns facing our great country. I am an Independent, so Republican or Democrat makes no difference to me. I just want to see the best person for the job lead the nation, and it is clearly Clinton.

Tom Vilardo

Niagara Falls