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135 years of the quirky and unusual

Sixty or a hundred or 135 years later, some of what our forebearers did may seem a bit odd.

That’s certainly true at The Buffalo News. ¶ Prowling through the archives of The News, surprises turn up. In the 80th anniversary issue on Oct. 11, 1960, writers predicted what the headlines might be 20 years later, when The News celebrated its 100th birthday. Among the predictions:

Buffalonians to Vacation on the Moon in 1980 ¶ We’ll Harness Sun’s Energy, Fly 4000 mph ¶ Niagara Frontier of Tomorrow – A Great Metropolis of 2 Million ¶ And one that proved more prescient: Expressways to Criss-Cross Buffalo Area. On this page, enjoy a few of the curiosities stashed in the archives of The Buffalo News.

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