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Letter: WNY voters must remove Schimminger from office

WNY voters must remove Schimminger from office

Now that juries of their peers have convicted former Sen. Dean Skelos and former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver of multiple counts of political corruption, there may be some hope that New York residents can finally be proud of their elected officials. Surely, this must be the time we hear “enough is enough” and send citizen representatives, rather than political scoundrels, to Albany on our behalf?

Or so we thought.

Public officials from both political parties praised the removal of these two convicted criminals from public office. Conspicuous in his absence from that chorus was Assemblyman Robin Schimminger. While kind enough to say he has “faith in the judicial system,” he couldn’t help but carry Silver’s water one more time, telling The Buffalo News he was “surprised” by the verdict, and that the “final chapter has yet to be written.”

That shouldn’t be surprising coming from Schimminger, who turned a blind eye to Silver’s assistance in the cover-up of a fellow assemblyman’s sexual deviancy and the secret, backdoor, taxpayer-funded payoff of that man’s victims. Or from the man who sat back while Silver held up project after project that would have begun Buffalo’s building boom a decade ago.

I certainly hope voters remember Schimminger’s endorsement of this convicted felon come November, when he runs for his 21st term as an assemblyman.

Sean O’Neil