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Letter: DNC isn’t giving Sanders a fair chance to compete

DNC isn’t giving Sanders a fair chance to compete

Remember 2007, when Hillary Clinton was the candidate everyone was voting for? Then came Barack Obama, who galvanized and excited voters, who empowered them and made it known that they hold the power. Today we are at the same turn in the road with Bernie Sanders and Clinton. She is the establishment candidate and the Democratic National Committee is doing all it can to favor her – and it’s DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s fault; she worked on Clinton’s 2007 campaign.

The policies Sanders is pushing are Medicaid for all, universal child care, tuition-free higher education, paid family leave, cutting defense subsidies, taxing Wall Street speculation, raising the top tax rate while closing loopholes and going after tax havens that allow the 1 percent to dodge billions in American taxes. All that money could help us fund the things we know we should have in the “richest country in the history of the world.” It’s time for the 1 percent to pay for the economy they ruined. Those policies are popular with most Americans and help us save trillions of dollars.

Clinton would be more of the same, and I despise it. We are at the precipice of voting for another FDR who would put forth not a New Deal, but a Fair Deal. It’s up to us to make sure Sanders gets that chance. After Election Day, the real work starts and he needs us to help him see it through. Sanders 2016!

Terry Purdue