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Letter: Buffalo should prohibit smoking in bus shelters

Buffalo should prohibit smoking in bus shelters

People frequently smoke in Buffalo’s bus shelters. Pregnant women and children who stand and sit in the shelters are exposed, as well as people like myself who, for health reasons, don’t wish to inhale secondhand marijuana or cigarette smoke. I also do not want the smoke blowing onto my hair and clothing, causing both to smell as though I’ve been smoking marijuana or cigarettes, since I never smoke either substance. It is unhealthy and offensive.

At the entrance to the bus terminal downtown, there’s a sign posted that bans smoking within a certain number of feet from the entrance. Yet signs banning smoking are not posted in any of the city’s bus shelters, so people smoke until the bus arrives. Sometimes, people who aren’t even waiting for a bus sit in the shelters and smoke, and sometimes several people are smoking at the same time. Then I’m the one who has to leave and stand outside (sometimes in the rain) to get away from the smoke. Marijuana and cigarette smoking occurs in both city and suburban bus shelters and it happens almost every day when I’m waiting for the bus.

I hope a resolution or legislation will be passed that will prohibit smoking any substance inside of, and within a certain number of feet of, bus shelters. If smoking e-cigarettes has been banned in public places in Erie County for health and safety reasons, then marijuana and cigarette smoking in bus shelters shouldn’t be allowed either. If it has already been banned, then signs should be posted inside the bus shelters just as they are posted inside the buses and trains.

Lavinia G. Hairston